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The Blog Title/Name: (Why “Writing On Walls”?)

1. Allusion to “The Writing On The Walls” but has more agency. There is an activeness in “writing” on walls in comparison to noticing “the writing on the walls” which is already completed likely by someone else. The term also has some mysteriousness too.

2. Symbolize a critique/ middle finger to established order, hegemony and expectation. Not that these things don’t have their place. but there is always room for flexibility.and breaking the norms. As kids we learn its wrong to right on walls. THere is a permanence

“Many truths, there are.”~ Yoda (He didnt really but close enough)

3. Ancient Egypt – Hierohlypgics were written on walls

4. Destiny Child – Also known as Beyonce and the Wanna-bees – released an album Writing on the wall.

5. Candy Chang — Heard about and participated in a college event while attending Unversity


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